Become a Dealer of KIRO Leather Holsters and Belts

Become a Dealer

KIRO Holsters is looking for you to become a dealer!

G.Z. Kiro Ltd. Is a manufacturer of handcrafted steer hide premium leather holsters, offering our product line through our distributors and dealers worldwide.

Our marketing and development departments are built to support your every need and request.

Dealer compliance Terms -

Demands for KIRO Holsters Dealer:

  • Must own a registered business (storefront, e-commerce store, factory etc.).
  • Free shipping for orders over $2500 / 150 products.
  • Compliance with company guidelines as warranty, MAP and MSRP.

Dealers privileges:

  • We will provide you with distributor/dealer price list.
  • We will keep you updated with marketing materials.
  • We will provide professional and prompt support and service.
  • G.Z. Kiro Ltd. Will ship your order up to one month after full payment has been made for orders up to 500 products.
  • For orders over 500 products shipping time will be provided upon order.
  • G.Z. Kiro Ltd. accepts all credit cards, PayPal, money order, cashier check or bank transfers.


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