Become a Wholesaler of KIRO Leather Holsters and Belts

KIRO Leather Holsters in Wholesale Pricing

G.Z. Kiro Ltd. Is a manufacturer of handcrafted steer hide premium leather holsters and belts.

We offer wholesale pricing for the legitimate wholesalers who are interested and capable of purchasing in bulk orders

Our marketing and development departments are built to support special customers needs and providing best solutions and pricing.

As a Wholesaler you get :

  • The BEST wholesale pricing for all of our products
  • Shipping and Handling service from within our warehouse staff
  • Support from our friendly and knowledgeable staff
  • Access to the wide range of our products
  • Marketing material and assistance 
  • Special Deals for Bulk Orders

Wholesaler Requirements:

  • Minimum Order Quantity

All you need to do is to get clients!


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