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Distributors Protection Model

“It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable.”

Our distributors are not only clients,they are our most valuable business partners.

G.Z KIRO understands that and is therefore committed to provide its business partners with all the tools to achieve an easy and profitable sell.

The fact that ALL sales are carried out between a seller and a buyer, makes the “man behind the counter” the most powerful man in the chain. He will usually decide what is sold, he will be the authority to recommend or to rule out a product and therefore has to believe in what he sells and to profit from it.

Following the principle of doing what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable we commit to the following:

* KIRO Holsters guarantees to provide a high quality, hand made, well packed line of products with lifetime warranty.

* KIRO Holsters WILL NOT sell directly to end users but forward all requests to its partners.

* KIRO Holsters is obligated to provide not only affordable competitive prices to the end user but also high margins to its business partners.

* KIRO Holsters will make sure MAP prices are kept by ALL in order to maintain the product’s value.

* KIRO Holsters will provide its customers (Dist. and Dealers alike) with all marketing material, marketing and sales support and efficient customer service.

We believe that a brand best advertising is done by satisfied customers. In order to create a great brand, a company needs good partners!

We invite you to become our partner on our way to success. Don’t miss the opportunity.