OEM / ODM Services provided by KIRO Handmade Leather Holsters & Belts Manufacturer

OEM / ODM Services provided by KIRO Handmade Leather Holsters & Belts


OEM / ODM Manufacturing by request, provided by KIRO Handmade Leather Holsters & Belts Manufacturer

Is a custom holster and belts maker that brings to the market a premium leather holsters and belts at affordable prices.  Developed, designed and tested in Israel, our products provide all that is expected of a holster and more. Being manufactured in a holster and belts factory with traditional leather handcraft techniques and only the best materials available ensures a top-notch quality and finish.

Our production provides a wide range of custom leather holsters and belts, that represent the highest quality and performance the industry has to offer.

Hand-Made under strict quality control, KIRO-Holsters provides a “life time warranty” against defects in materials and workmanship and will keep your gun safe and protected for years.

OEM/ODM Services

What is OEM?

OEM Stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that we will manufacture and brand our holsters and belts according to your own specifications.

What is ODM?

ODM Stands for Original Design Manufacturer, which means that we will design, manufacture and brand holsters and belts specifically accordingly to your instructions.

What are the benefits of using our OEM/ODM Services?

The advantages of using our OEM/ODM Services are -

Low Cost

OEM/ODM Holsters and Belts manufactured by us are sold to you at cost effective prices, making it extra beneficial for your business! By working with us as your custom holsters and belts makers you can pay less per unit, and to reduce the lead time and wasted production time.

Top Level Quality

Our holsters and belts were developed, designed and tested by us. When we manufacture our holsters and belts for you, you get a fine product that is tested according to our specifications and high-standards.

Specialist Knowledge

When we make our holsters and belts, we do it accordingly to the end-customer's needs, applying the necessary changes, such as ergonomically changes to our products accordingly to their specific needs, we know what works, and we know how to make it work! 

Why should you use OEM/ODM Services?

Simply put, if you are looking to expand your current product line of holsters and belts, or you want to outsource your current production, packing and labeling, but you don't own a holsters and belts factory, and if you want to ship directly to your end customers, you should contact us for more information.


If you are an entrepreneur looking to start his own company of top quality handmade leather holsters and belts, you are looking for OEM or ODM services, then we can make this happen!

If you are an active company looking to source a new product line, with high-quality assurance, and you are looking for a cost-effective price, then you are in the right place!

We can provide you with Original Equipment Manufacturing and/or with Original Design Manufacturing services.

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