“Reholster Gen 2″ for 1911 4.25” Models (Commander)

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KIRO’s “Re-Holster Gen 2” is a reinforced “mouth” and stitched-in sight rails holster.

The “Re-Holster Gen 2” is constructed of premium saddle leather and features a reinforced holster opening for ease of re-holstering. A neutral cant carrying allows users a combat positive grip. The “Tunnel  Loop” directs the pistol easily and comfortably in and out the holster assuring a quick draw and an easy re-holdtering of the pistol.

This holster will hold your gun in a position with minimal footprint and will allow a positive grip for a quick, efficient draw when needed.

  • Handcrafted premium steer-hide holsters
  • A minimal leather thickness of 3mm.
  • Silicone Edges.
  • Extra Water & Moisture resistant.
  • Snug fit for reduced pistol finish wear.
  • Suitable for use with belts up to 1.75″ (45mm).

Re-Holster Gen 2 Features:

  • Spring steel-reinforced top for easy re-holstering.
  • Retention adjustment screw with passive retention


  • All KIRO leather products are covered by unlimited, transferable, lifetime warranty against all flaws in materials and workmanship.
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KIRO Reholster OWB